Commercial Appliance Mistakes to Avoid

There is no doubt that the kitchen is the most important room in any food service establishment.

It is the place where dishes are being prepared, from chopping ingredients to service. Before buying any kitchen equipment, you should conduct thorough research to stay away from significant losses over time.

There are differences between your home and a commercial kitchen. However, there are main principles that are applicable to both. Maybe you are planning to open a restaurant and want to set up a kitchen that has everything. Aside from buying, you also think about the maintenance because you might have to contact the commercial oven repair earlier than expected. If you want to know which mistakes to avoid, you should read on.

Buying Cheap Equipment

Everyone wants to save money when buying commercial kitchen appliances. However, the desire to save on costs should not sacrifice quality.

The mistake will start when you focus too much on the kitchen equipment price. When you focus on cheap kitchen appliances, it will hinder you from having the right budget.

One way to make a mistake is to compare kitchen equipment prices, and you should always be open-minded when you check the prices.

Failing to Assess the Kitchen Layout

Knowing the kitchen layout means it is important when it comes to placing the kitchen appliances.

When you have the right layout, you can ensure a practical and functional kitchen area.

A properly-designed kitchen layout helps you get the most out of the available kitchen space you have. Remember that kitchen layouts are more than about placing the appliances and storage.

Ergonomics plays an important role in kitchen dynamics. When there is great ergonomics, you can be sure that the space is enough for the swift movement of your personnel and enough kitchen appliance space.

Poor Ventilation

A lot of people love to see the commercial refrigerator overfilled with drinks and food. It is an excellent feeling, but you can damage your appliance easily.

Overfilling damages your commercial equipment in a lot of ways.

First, it is going to block refrigerator vents. That means cold air circulation in the refrigerator is going to be reduced.

Aside from that, blocked vents cause the refrigerator and condenser to overwork. There is a risk of wear and tear when these parts of the appliance are overworked.

This mistake can be avoided by not buying too much food that can overload your appliance.

Properly organize the foods and avoid pulling them too high on your refrigerator.

Not Looking at the Warranty

Kitchen appliances can malfunction without advanced notice. Repairs for many commercial kitchen equipments run into thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is important that you check the warranty agreement before buying kitchen equipment.

Most manufacturers offer standard coverage for a year. You can also choose to get additional coverage at an extra cost.

Aside from that, kitchen appliances can go through excessive wear due to regular usage. Make sure to do regular inspections and checks to identify issues.

There is No Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning commercial refrigerators have plenty of benefits. However, you need a good schedule when it comes to cleaning the appliance.

Every customer is going to notice a dirty refrigerator when you enter the office. A dirty refrigerator declines the curb appeal of the office space.

When you clean commercial refrigerators, you are preventing bacteria and germs that cause poisoning and food damage.

You need the right refrigerator cleaning products like baking soda, vinegar, water, and soap detergent.

If you avoid these mistakes, calling for commercial refrigerator repairs Tysons Corner would not have to be done so often.