Common Problems of Gas Ovens

Regardless of whether you use a built-in cooktop or range, the stovetop is among the most important home appliance you will own. If it starts giving you trouble, you should not panic even if you own a business because you can hire a commercial oven repair service. If you do not have a stovetop, how can you make your favorite dish?

A broken stove triggers your anxiety, but you do not have to worry because this article will tell you the common problems you should watch out for. This way, you can find a solution right away.

The Gas Burner Does Not Light Up

If you own a gas stove, you are allowed to light the range burners using a match if the electric ignition does not work. However, if there is no light coming from the burners, and it does not come from an obvious result like a power outage you need to troubleshoot it.

Burner Flame is Weak

If the top burner flame seems to be less impressive than the usual, the problem could be that there are clogged burner flame openings. The low-quality flames can also be because of too little gas or air that is getting inside the burner. You must adjust the air shutters to check if there is a problem with the air, but you must talk to an oven repair professional if you think the problem is that there is not enough gas.

Incorrect Oven Temperature

When the oven is preheated, the temperature should stay where you set it to. In case the readout shows a high temperature compared to what you set, or your food seems overcooked, the temperature controls must be recalibrated.

The instructions on how your oven should be recalibrated must be written in the owner’s manual. It should tell you how to increase or decrease the temperature by a maximum of 35 degrees. Normally, this involves just pressing and holding certain buttons on the oven control pad based on the instructions in the manual.

There is a Gas Odor

A gas smell when the pilot flame is not burning indicates that the house needs ventilation when you open the windows and then light the pilot light again. If the gas is detected and the pilot flame is lit or there is a plugged-in electric igniter, it indicates that one of the burners is not completely shut off. You must check all the burners, and if you find out that their positions are all off, make sure to turn the gas off. You need to ventilate the kitchen and the nearby rooms, and then contact the gas company for assistance.

Ove Door Will Not Open or Shut

If the oven door will not open after its self-cleaning cycle is finished, you can start unplugging the unknit or shut off the circuit breaker for about 5 minutes. When you turn on the power again, you must gently move the door lock lever and check if you can open the door already. In case this does not work, reset the self-cleaning cycle, and wait for 15 minutes, then cancel it. After you let the oven cool for a while, you can already move the lock lever of the door and then try opening it again.

If you want it professionally done, you can contact commercial gas oven repair DC anytime to help you out.