Fun Facts About Your Air Conditioner

Nowadays, air conditioners are a must and the majority of homes have one. People cannot even imagine a time when there was no air conditioner.

They are considered a luxury that a lot of people ignore. It impacts the way of life in numerous ways. Not to mention that climate change problem the world is facing now and heat waves are more common.

When it was first invented, society took a huge step forward and it led to so many cool things. Air conditioners are essential and you might need a commercial appliances repair service if the one in your business starts to experience issues.

If you want to know the fun facts about air conditioners, read until the end.

The First Residential Air Conditioner was 6 x 7 Feet Long

Carrier invented the first residential air conditioner in 1902, and residential units were still far away. The first residential type of air conditioner was installed in 1914 and it was huge. The size was 6 x 7 x 20.

Even if it was so big, people would still spend $10,000 – $50,000 for one unit. Today, that would cost $120,000 – $600,000. It is only the extremely wealthy who can afford residential ACs. So, think about this the next time you complain about the cost of buying an air conditioner system.

Vegas Will Not be the Same without an AC

Without an air conditioner, there is a possibility that Vegas would be in America’s northeastern part because of the high heat in the city and states surrounding it, mainly during the summer.

Southern state populations did not rise until after the air conditioner was invented, because, after that, people can live there despite the extreme heat.

Air Conditioners Stopped the Summer Vacations of Workers

When there were no air conditioners yet, the offices, schools, and other businesses were supposed to close in the summer because no one can stand the heat. People left work and school and were gone for a month or more during that time. Summer vacations are optional today. Some countries still have workers’ vacations in summer because their workplaces still do not have air conditioners.

Helps in the Invention of Medicine

If there is no air conditioning, some medications would never even exist. Therefore, they would not even find a cure for some diseases. Another thing is that they must be thankful for inventing air conditioners.

In the 1970s, Most Homes Did Not Have an Air Conditioner

Air conditioners were too expensive for the majority of people until technological advancements were more affordable. During the 1970s, central air conditioners were more common. In the US, about 90% of homes have an air conditioner.

The good thing is that the air conditioning units are smaller quieter and cheaper. Air conditioning technology keeps improving, which makes them smarter, safer, and more efficient. R-22 refrigerant is phased out because the R401A is better for the environment.

In 2018, Only 42% Maintained Their Air Conditioner

It is a reality that air conditioners require regular maintenance so they can last longer. Air conditioners should be serviced not less than two times a year, during the spring and fall prior to the heavy changes in temperature during the winter and summer. If you think that your air conditioner needs regular maintenance, do not hesitate to do it anytime. In addition, if you start to see signs that it needs a repair, do not hesitate to call an A/C repair company.

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