How to Choose the Right Ice Cream Freezer for Your Business

While it could seem like “fresh ice cream” is an oxymoron, if you are aware of anything about ice cream, you know that it can become stale quite fast. Ice cream is perishable, and the contents can be easily compromised in case the temperature rises or dips. You can contact the ice cream freezer repair in case you are facing issues.

Ice crystals can ruin the creamy and smooth texture of ice cream and frozen dairy products, which are all a direct result of temperatures that are fluctuating. Ice cream that even slightly melts can form crystals when you refreeze them. To make sure that you are selling or serving the best ice cream, you can use some of the tips here on how to the right ice cream freezer.

Ideal Temperature

The ice cream should storage should be between -12 and -24 degrees Celsius. This will make sure that the ice cream stays frozen and solid. When ice cream defrosts, ice crystals start to form and it ruins that creamy and smooth texture that customers are craving. Those crystals are creating an unexpected, and unpleasant crunch.

Even if the ideal serving temperature is higher, the hard and solid ice cream is always great for consistency to keep it smooth at serving temperatures. This is essential in self-service and novelty freezers or open displays since they are frequently more accessed and you should keep the ice cream stored below the freezer line to keep it from thawing.


You want a commercial ice cream freezer to have enough space to store and showcase everything so that shoppers can see what they are buying. How many flavors do you want to be displayed? How many people are going to use towels or scoops or trowels in order to dig that ice cream from the containers and serve it to the customers? For that one, you will buy your product in round or square containers? That makes a difference as well.


The refrigerator industry contributes to global warming. It is time that you consciously make the right decision and save the planet while boosting your business at the same time. You will find efficient and eco-friendly solutions. They have the combination you need in order to make your business succeed while making savings in the future as well.

Temperature Control

Certain types of commercial ice cream freezers and refrigerators have temperature ranges that will help you micromanage how your ice cream is treated or other frozen substances as well. For instance, a dual temperature display has a wide range thermostat of 40 to -15 degrees F so that operators can precisely change temperatures.

Accessories and Rails

Another great feature for a commercial ice cream freezer is interior rails in order to keep sundae toppings, as well as other ice cream additions. You might also want to think about freezer doors, and how they work for use all day. Some display cabinets that are normally used for service have nice rolling tips, and they have sneeze guards in order to keep things clean.


The proper ice cream freezer should abide by all the food safety standards from giving the right temperature to keeping your offerings fresher for a longer period to preventing germs formation, bacteria, as well as other contamination. You should buy a freezer that helps to promote a healthier and cleaner business that ebbs the risk of your customers becoming sick by consuming your product.

You can contact commercial refrigerator repairs Tysons Corner if you need to have your ice cream freezer repaired.