How to Keep Food Fresh with a Broken Fridge

When a fridge breaks down, it is one of the nightmares you do not want to encounter. They are expensive to buy and repairing them can be costly. If you are waiting for the commercial refrigerator services to come, you need to keep food fresh so that it does not spoil. If you are not experienced with this, there are simple ways you can do to prevent your food from spoiling.

You will end up wasting a lot of food, and this is even more annoying if your fridge is full. Make sure that you are going to take note of the tips mentioned here to keep your food cold when your fridge breaks down.

Use a Cooler

A cooler that is packed has the capacity to maintain frozen food or keep all the refrigerated items cool for up to 4 days if required. For the highest level of efficiency, cubes, layer ice packs, or dry ice in different lows of food, which keeps frozen items at the bottom. You can put fruits and vegetables on top and the last layer is ice. The cooler must be kept in a spot and frequently monitor the temperature, and replace the ice when necessary.

Make Hard Choices

The majority of coolers do not have enough space to accommodate everything that was in your fridge. You have to make the tough decisions regarding which items can go in the cooler and which ones can be left to perish.

Items that will surely spoil without refrigeration should be a priority. This is including raw meat, dairy products, and anything else that is frozen.

Condiments that are oil or sauce-based can stay in the fridge so they can survive on any present cool air, but anything that is mayonnaise or cream-based must stay in the cooler.

Eggs do not need refrigeration, but they normally will keep them fresh for a longer period. They can be left on the fridge counter. You must make sure that your broken refrigerator is kept shut all the time.

Use Sand to Preserve Produce

If your refrigerator has stopped cooling, the fruits and vegetables can be preserved by using sand to fill up the drawers. This will reduce the moisture that causes the product to get spoiled and has the capacity to save fruits and vegetables that you warmed the night before.

Pack Them Efficiently

The way you pack also affects the food you preserve. Efficient packing goes a long way when it comes to maintaining food safety, which keeps the temperature low, and the fridge items are kept fresh for a longer period.

When your food is put into the cooler, you can start by laying down a layer of ice. The next layer should be frozen foods, and then it is followed by fresh food, and then another layer of frozen foods, and so on. This can also contribute to keeping the overall cooler temperature low, so they can be used to help the ice.

Test the Temperature

If you have not turned on the refrigerators, you should test the temperature within the refrigerator and the foods themselves can help determine if the foods can be consumed. A thermometer designed in the freezer or refrigerator must not read not more than 40 degrees F when they are placed within the refrigerator or freezer. If you see that the temperature is above 40 degrees, you will most likely have to discard the food. In case you are unsure, use a thermometer to test the food. The liquid or food should not be more than 40 degrees F.

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