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How to Make Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Last Longer

Commercial kitchen equipment is a marvel of engineering. These machines are hardworking that are made to withstand years of being used constantly at high temperatures. Equipment should work properly in the food service business so it will run smoothly. When the restaurant equipment is not maintained regularly, your equipment might suddenly break down, which halts your productivity. When you get the most out of your commercial kitchen equipment, you know that you made a good investment.

Sometimes, you might have to contact a commercial appliances repair company, but only for maintenance. However, you should not worry because this article will help you make your kitchen equipment last longer. Here are the tips you can follow:

Clean the Condenser Coils

You should the condenser coils of your commercial freezer, refrigerator, or walk-in clean. Make sure that you can easily access the coils for regular vacuuming and taking out the dust and debris. Keep them a couple of inches away from the floor or wall. The condenser coils are built to remove heat from the system, and if dust is covering them, the unit can damage and overheat the system. You need to be safe, and always unplug the appliance before cleaning the compressor coils.

It is the same thing for freezer condenser coils. When you clean the condenser coil, it means your equipment works better.

Check the Seals and Gaskets

A lot of commercial kitchen appliances are using gaskets to make a tight seal on the refrigeration equipment doors. Gaskets are flexible and soft, which creates a seal when the door is closed on the refrigerator, commercial, or freezer. That is because your staff must open and close doors continuously, and the gaskets get worn out over time and start changing shape. When this is the case, they will lose their capacity to make air-tight seals.

Clean and Sanitize

You must keep your kitchen equipment sanitized and cleaned because it will help in preventing food grime, particles, rust, and debris from any build-up, which causes the equipment to fail. The wear and tear of dirty kitchen equipment slowly happen over time. However, if you regularly clean and sanitize equipment, you can reduce any risk, and prolong your equipment lifespan. You should clean the stainless-steel appliances with water and soap. If you are not sure about cleaning and disinfecting your appliance, you should also review the owner’s manual or talk to a professional.

User the Water Filters

Make sure that your water hookups are only using filtered water. If you continue to use unfiltered water, over time, there is a risk of lime and scale buildups in your equipment. This buildup commonly causes equipment failure and significant damage. Therefore, you must use filtered water and make sure to replace the water filter cartridges regularly.

You should write down the installation date on the filter cartridges so you will replace them on schedule. Check the users’ manual to find out what the recommended usage cycles are.

Avoid Breakdowns by Making Effective Repairs

A lot of kitchens can feel the effects of a shortage in global supply. A combi oven that was due last January, for instance, is likely to arrive 2 months later. Therefore, you must keep your kitchen running for a longer period and more efficiently.

Despite the supply issues, you must always have your equipment repaired when you notice something faulty. This will most likely make your repair costs cheaper.

When you have it inspected regularly, breakdowns can be avoided.

If you want something more specific, you can contact commercial freezer repairs Tysons Corner anytime.