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How to Stop the Growth of Mold in Your Refrigerator

Refrigeration equipment that you use as a business owner is important for keeping all your products and preventing disease among staff and customers. Unfortunately, specific conditions, like mold growth, affect the effectiveness and safety of a commercial refrigeration system.

Mold can develop almost anywhere where you will have relative humidity, but it is a lot more frequent in situations where moisture levels are high, like commercial refrigerators.

With a lot of humidity which is important for perishable items, the unit is more vulnerable to fungus growth. The dangerous thing about molds is that it is important to understand their impact so you do not have to call for walk-in cooler repair very often. Read on to learn more.

 Find the Mold

If you want to make your fridge to be mold-free, you first must locate the mold that grows on it. in order to conduct a fridge examination, remove everything that is inside your fridge which includes the drawers and shelves. You are going to lively find moldy stains or spills behind your drawers or on the fridge’s back walls.

Make sure to not miss anything and locate all the mold.

Clean up Spills Immediately and Completely

Liquids and spilled foods are on the shelves or the floor of your walk-in cooler because they can grow bacteria and mold. If you want to take these sources away, it is more difficult for mold to thrive and spread. Cleaning up the spills keeps your walk-in cooler or refrigerator mold-free.

If you find mold, it is very hard to get rid of because it could be hiding in the deepest corners of the shelves and products. You might have to do a complete clean-out. You might also opt to have your equipment sprayed with a sanitation mist to prevent mold from developing.

Wash Shelves and Drawers

Give the drawers and shelves a nice clean by using dish soap to wash off all bacteria and sticky residue from them. In order to make sure that your fridge will not get moldy again soon, make spray one part household bleach and one part water. After that, spray the mixture onto the newly cleaned shelves and leave it there for at least 15 minutes before rinsing and drying those shelves. The bleach kills any mold spores that are remaining there.

It Should Always be Upright

Changing the position of a fridge causes problems inside the compressor so you can reduce the possibility of this when you move and store your fridge. In addition, it should always be upright to minimize tipping.

Never lay the fridge on one side while you move and store it, and if there is an angle while you move it in and out of the storage unit, allow it to sit for not less than 48 hours before you turn it on again, or it could fail.

Clean the Door Seal

Avoid spraying the solution you made on a rubber door seal of the fridge because bleach can damage them. You should make a vinegar solution instead of one part water and one part vinegar. Spray the vinegar solution on the door seal and allow it to sit for five minutes before wiping it using cotton swabs. For the hard-to-reach places, you should soak cotton swabs in the vinegar solution and run them on the door seal folds to clean it thoroughly. You can also use a toothbrush to scrub it to remove all grime.

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