Noises that the Furnace Should Not Make

Most of the time, furnaces make noise while they run. They might hum or rumble softly, maybe they even pop occasionally. These are signs that the furnace is working totally fine. However, when you begin to hear noises that sound a little different that is when you have to become concerned. While there is a strange noise once in a while, you should not ignore repetitive and weird sounds.

Regardless if it is a traditional gas furnace, boiler, or alternative form of heating like a radiant system or heat pump, the heating system has to function when you need it. Part of your equation means that you are spotting signs of trouble before they are out of hand. You can talk to a heating repair services DC for this.

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If you are hearing a rattling noise coming from the furnace, it is an obvious sign that there is something wrong. With that being said, there are different reasons why your furnace could be rattling. Some of them are more severe compared to others.

For instance, a rattle can indicate that there are loose bolts in the hatch access. Therefore, you can take a wrench and provide the loose part with some tightening up. Even if this can be a sign of wear and tear, it can also mean that the system is getting old. A rattle can also point to a crack in the heat exchanger, blower, or burner motor fan belt. Therefore, you would want to ask a technician to diagnose the issue and perform the needed repairs or replacements. In case of an event, a rattle is a furnace noise you should not ignore.


A scraping noise comes from the furnace which indicates that there is a major issue. This is mainly true if there is a scraping of metal against metal. Normally, blower wheel problems cause scraping noises. The issue can also be because of a loose internal part that scrapes against other furnace parts.  Regardless of what the problem is, you should call a technician immediately if you start hearing scraping noises. A broken blower wheel or loose part negatively impacts the function and efficiency of a furnace. Sometimes, your furnace might even stop working altogether. Make sure to schedule an HVAC repair right away.


Even if it sounds like the popping noise comes from the furnace, you should listen closely – does it sound like it comes from ducts instead? A popping sound that comes from ductwork is common, but not if the fit is in excess. These noises happen because air ducts expand and contract from the heat that the furnace gives out.


The furnace system must never sound like your tea kettle. It is strange to hear coming from an appliance, but it is more unsettling in a furnace. The good thing is that it is normally a sign of a minor issue like a clogged air filter. The filter is the one that keeps out the dust and dirt, as well as other debris from accumulating on your furnace’s inside components. Fortunately, changing the air filter is something that a homeowner should do on their own.


This is another common warning sound a furnace will make. In case it sounds like there is a small bird that is trapped in the furnace, you would want to check on it even more. The best-case scenario would be that the chirping indicates that the furnace is simply warming up.

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