Questions to Ask Before Replacing Commercial Appliances

If you have a faulty appliance, it can disrupt your whole routine. Think of a scenario where the freezer is not getting cold at all or the washer refuses to spin. The next thing you must do is look for a solution. You can repair or replace faulty appliances.

Opting to replace or repair the appliance is not a decision you can do straightforwardly. However, you can decide by just answering a few questions.

For instance, the cost of commercial refrigerators repairs is not even $500, but a new fridge will cost you $3,000.

You should be able to determine which is more practical and ask the right questions so that you will not make a mistake. Read on.


Safety is of primary importance when working in a commercial kitchen. When your kitchen equipment is in its best shape, your staff is able to concentrate on their work without worrying about safety. In case your staff discovers malfunctioning equipment, you need to shut it down until it goes through a thorough inspection. In case it becomes unrepairable, you should have it placed right away. You have to avoid disruptions, and you can do this by conducting safety inspections regularly.

Is the Warranty Still Valid?

The question about the warranty is important when it comes to deciding between repairing or replacing the appliance. Does the appliance come with a warranty? How much of the warranty have you used? Is the warranty still valid?

The majority of appliances that are less than one year still have intact warranties. In a lot of cases, the warranty will cover replacement parts and labor.

Depending on the age and type of fault of the appliance, repairing can still be a great idea even when the warranty has been voided or is already expired. It is not normally a good idea to replace your appliance that broke down for the first time. In case the appliance has gone through several repairs over the years, you might have to think of a replacement.

Increase in Repair Costs

Companies that install HVAC recommend that you replace the air conditioners when repairing them is no longer cost-effective. The same logic is applicable to the kitchen equipment, all of them require occasional tune-ups and repairs during the life cycle. However, in case a piece of equipment should be repaired too often, the yearly cost quickly adds up, to the point that a replacement would cost less. You should also consider that new equipment has new warranties. The money you save on the warranty repairs can help offset some replacement costs.

Can the Problem be Easily Fixed?

Refrigerant appliances underperform or fail for several reasons. Some of the problems you encounter might be because of the retail beverage cooler, which can easily be diagnosed and repaired. One common problem of a refrigerated system is excessive temperatures in the compressor’s discharge area. Temperatures that are over 275 to 300 degrees F start to break down the lubricants found in mechanical parts and it will eventually cause damage to the appliance.

How Many Repairs Have Been Done on the Appliance?

Any appliance that has recurring repair cases might need a replacement. The repair costs normally add up and will eventually exceed the costs of replacement. If the appliance was passed down to you by a friend or relative, there could have been repairing cases that you do not know of. You can check the appliance for prior signs of repair or ask the previous owner.

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