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Signs of a Malfunctioning Walk in Cooler

In case you have a walk-in cooler in your business, there is a chance that it is an important part of the business model. Maybe you own a restaurant, grocery store, meat shop, or hotel that stores frozen food to sell to your customers. You might also have a temperature-sensitive business that uses volatile chemicals. No matter what your reason is for having a walk-in cooler, you should keep that cooler in excellent condition which means you take regular from occasional and staff from commercial appliance technician repair.

However, when you contact a walk-in cooler repair service, you should know whether you need a service call or just a quick mop-up. You should be able to discern if you need to call a technician or not.

Floors are Wet and There are Leaks

Walk-in coolers produce condensation on the products and walls. However, there should never be excess water. If you see puddles when you walk in, that is not good. It could mean irregular temperature or the humidity is uncontrolled. It can also indicate that there is a leak somewhere. There is no need to hunt down a leak to find the problem. Any puddle on the floor is a sign that you need to call maintenance.

Temperature is Fluctuating

If you want to keep perishable foods and beverages safe and prevent the development of bacteria, it is important to keep a consistent temperature in the walk-in cooler. You should monitor for any temperature fluctuations even if it is only a couple of degrees. If you are experiencing frequent issues with the consistency of the temperature, you need to contact a professional for appliance repair services right away.

Buildup of Frost

Frost buildup can be an indicator that the temperatures in the walk-in cooler change dramatically, which causes items to refreeze after melting. There is also a chance that the humidity levels are bad and the walk-in cooler faces excess condensation. If you see a frost buildup near the door, this can indicate that it does not seal properly. This allows warm air to leak in. You can check the door gaskets for any damage if you are facing it.

Strange Smells

Each walk-in cooler will have a smell. That smell is because of the disinfectant in the mop water, the artificial cold tanginess, and a faint smell of boxes or products that are contained within. Your staff knows the usual cooler smell. So, if you smell something strong, new, and unpleasant one day, you should be alert. This means that something is spoiling or there is mold growth. It can also be a smell of leaking coolant fluid as well as other mechanical problems. All of them need a professional inspection.

Weird Noises

If you can hear rattling, squeaking, or shaking from the walk-in cooler, this is a sign that one of the system’s components or parts is wearing out or damaged. These problems only worsen over time, so you should call for repair service right away. Delaying the systems repair leads to more extensive service needs as time goes by, so it is costlier and requires more time to correct.

Door Does Not Seal Properly

The door is among the most important. The gasket that seals the walk-in cooler similar to a fridge. Walk-in coolers should not be hard to open and you feel like you have to fight the suction all the time. The door should seal firmly. If the cooler door pops open when you touch it, there is a problem.

You can call commercial freezer repairs DC if you see any of these issues.