Signs Your Commercial Garbage Disposal has Problems

Garbage disposals make it easier for many people to remove food waste after meals without worrying about food particle clogging. You should also learn about the warning signs or troubleshooting tips your unit needs if it is broken.

A commercial garbage disposal repair might be necessary if you notice any of the signs that will be mentioned in this article. You do not want the garbage disposal to malfunction for too long, especially if you run a business. Nothing is easier than just brushing leftover food off your plate and down the drain without worrying about your sink getting clogged. If you want to know the signs if your garbage disposal needs a repair or replacement, read on.

Bad Odors

If you keep smelling bad odor even after you have had ice cubes and running water, and have used other cleaners, you might have a failing unit. A plumber can check the unit, and remove any trapped food waste/matter using tools to pull everything out, but make sure the unit is unplugged, and get it to run again, or replace the unit if necessary. You should check all the units in your commercial kitchen; where the odor is coming from.

The Garbage Disposal is Jammed   

Jammed garbage disposals can produce a humming sound, which causes water and liquids to drain slowly or back up. Jammed garbage disposals can lead to something that prevents garbage disposal blades from turning.

Here are the most common causes:

  • Eggshells
  • Stringy vegetables
  • Bones
  • Fruit pits
  • Other items

You can also clog the garbage disposal if you do not flush water down the drain and try to flush too much food waste all at once. It could also be that the blades have become ineffective because you do not clean them regularly.

The Breakdown is Longer Than the Normal

If you noticed that the food does not take a lot of time to break down and flush when you are running the disposal, that is a good sign. However, if the blades are dull and you have not replaced or sharpened them, the breakdown takes longer. The local plumber is going to know how to sharpen or replace blades for you. There is no need to wait too long for it to operate normally again. If the garbage disposal’s internal reset button is not tripping but the circuit breaker is, you might have to call a professional, especially if there is an electrical issue.


Garbage disposals leak from the side, top, and bottom, and even into your dishwasher, and other parts of the drain pipe or plumbing system.

Garbage disposal seals will sometimes start to leak, which is easy to fix. If there is a disposal leak, it usually means you need to replace the O-ring or some parts should be tightened. It will depend on where the leak comes from. If the leak is from the sink flange or elsewhere, you might need a more expensive and complicated repair. However, sometimes, it is better to replace the unit.

  • Flange or worn-out O-ring
  • Improper connections
  • Lost putty seal
It Resets More Than Once

If you must reset the disposal each time you use it, you will need a plumber so you can check things out. There is a possibility that your machine is already outdated or you have a wiring issue, which can be fixed by a professional plumber. However, there are times when the garbage disposal did not cause the problem. When this happens, you should contact an electrician.

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