Signs Your Ice Dispenser Needs Troubleshooting

Do you have an ice dispenser? Do you like having cold drinks with ice? Regardless if you see ice as part of the inventory or you just want ice for your drinks, an ice machine will give you perks.

A broken ice maker can be frustrating, especially when all you want is a cold drink to quench your thirst. Different factors lead to an ice maker inside the freezer that stopped working, so you would want to understand the reason behind the issue so you can quickly fix it.

Your fridge needs proper maintenance, and you might have to call an ice dispenser repair in case you are facing issues that you cannot repair on your own. Watch out for these signs:

There are Leaks

Among the clearest indications that your ice machine is on its way out is when there are leaks. If there is a leak that formed on the ice cream machine’s exterior, there are water pool puddles underneath the appliance. In case you leave it unaddressed, an exterior causes damage to the baseboards or floorboards. An interior leak can show itself in the form of large ice cubes. It might not seem to be a big deal, but the larger cubes can cause rapid wear and tear on an ice maker.

Half-formed Ice Cubes

In case the cubes are forming inside the ice tray, but they have not dropped down inside the collection bin, this could mean that there is water in the ice maker. The presence of ice signals that there is an electrical or mechanical problem, instead of a water supply issue, might be the cause.

The first thing about troubleshooting is to check if the control arm or wire is inside the “off” position, which stops the ice production. In case the control arm or wire is “off”, all you have to do is move it to “on.” For the refrigerators with ice makers being controlled by touch panels, you should try toggling the power in order to reset it.

Check the Water Filter

Another simple solution is that the filter should be replaced. Some refrigerators have a timer or sensor that stops the ice maker from working in case the water filter should be changed. This is a safety feature in order to ensure the ice and water can be consumed. A water filter replacement every six months to make sure that the ice maker still functions.

Aside from that, when your water filter is replaced, you must flush out the system before it starts working correctly. In case the system was not flushed out, air could be trapped, which will stop the ice maker from properly working. The system should be flushed out after you connect the refrigerator to the water supply line.

Diminished Output

Among the most overlooked indicators that you need an ice machine repair is there is a reduction in how ice cubes inside the ice machines. Do you notice that your ice is running out more? Would you have to reach lower and lower inside the bin to fish out fresh ice? You might have a problem with your hands.

Water Inlet Valve and Water Pressure

The ice makers need water, it is controlled by the water inlet valve. If the water inlet valve is defective or it is not getting enough pressure, the ice maker should not be able to properly work. The water inlet valve becomes defective in case the valve is blocked with mineral deposits, which keeps the valve from opening.

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