Stove Problems You Should Know About

If you want to create something to eat, but the stove will not work. Probably, that cooking range is the best thing in your home and you should make sure that it is functioning properly. There are many common issues and problems that happen with your stove, and in case you do not have the right knowledge, you can stop panicking. You should learn about basic stove repairs so that you can fix the cooking range without the trouble of looking for a technician.

However, if you feel like the problem is uncontrollable, you can always contact a commercial appliances repair company.

Stovetops are valuable cooking appliances and there are endless possibilities. Whether it is an electric or gas stove, similar to any kitchen appliance, it might fail over time.

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The Heat Won’t Adjust

Occasionally, electric stoves might lose their ability to control the level of heat it produces. Instead of producing different levels of it produces, it is on or off, no matter what the current setting is. This is an issue with an infinite switch that is connected to the dial that regulates the power levels and it needs replacement.

Surface Burner Will Not Light Up

One common gas stove issue is a surface burner that will not light. This might be caused by the pilot light being extinguished in case your stove has one or the other burner potholes getting clogged. In case your gas stove has an electric igniter, there might be a loss of electricity that prevents it from working. The ignition switch can be malfunctioning in case the stove has power but you do not hear the usual clicking when you try lighting it. In case your stove clicks when you attempt to light it, but you don’t smell gas. The gas flow can be disrupted.

Listen to the Ignition

When your gas stove is turned on, you are going to hear a click. If you hear a clicking noise, it means the ignition is attempting to ignite the gas that flows into the burner. In case you hear clicking, but there is no flame, see if you can smell the gas. If there is no gas smell, your gas supply might be shut off. It is important to clean the burner so that the gas can freely circulate.

If you light the burner and do not hear a clicking or it is very faint, it is an indication that you need to buy a new ignition switch. The ignition switch is responsible for gas ignition – no ignition indicates no flame.

Burner Flame is Weak

In case the burner flame on the stove is less impressive than usual, the problem could be that there are clogged burner flame openings. The low-quality flames can also be because the gas has too little air going into the burner.

Gas Stove Won’t Light Up

One common complaint among owners of gas stoves is when the flame is not lighting up. You should hear the stove clicking repeatedly if you turn the power on and then set the dial to “light.” If you do not see any flame, you should smell gas. In case it does not click, your ignition switch might be defective.

If there is no gas smell, then there is an issue with the gas flow.

You should turn the lights off, and engage the igniter before you observe. The igniter has to produce white sparks and a touch of blue. In case there are reddish blue sparks, it is an indication that this component is already bad and needs replacement.

You contact gas oven repair DC in case you notice something strange.