The Most Common Problems of Air Conditioners

You can feel the temperature climbing steadily, but what is the reason for that? When everyday life gets busy, maybe you do not want to take a moment to consider that your AC is the most important player in your home.

An overworked and underserviced AC unit will stop working. The HVAC issues have to be addressed quickly so that extreme temperature changes can be prevented, and minimize the risk of flooding. It is a good thing is that some of the most common AC issues are repairable or can be prevented.

If you want to know what the most common problems of ACs are, you should read this article until the end. This way, you will know when to call HVAC repair services DC.


One of the main reasons that air conditioners are not working properly is either a dirty or clogged filter. You should follow the suggestions of the manufacturer on how often your air filter needs to be changed. Some of them have to be changed monthly, others every 3 months, and some have a reusable one that should be cleaned when they get dirty. One way you can determine if a filter should be cleaned is to check if there is a light that passes through. If not, you have to clean it. Dirty filters reduce the airflow, but they can also cause the AC unit to freeze.

Blowing Hot or Warm Air

There is nothing more uncomfortable than an air conditioner that can dispense lukewarm air. Before you do anything, you should verify that the settings of your thermostat were not switched accidentally. If you have the correct settings, the first thing you need to do is to change the filter. Most of the time, old and clogged air filters are to blame for AC problems like frozen coils.

If the filter is not an issue, you might have a low refrigerant. You can test this by feeling the large 2 copper lines that go into the condenser. If it is cold and moist when you touch it, you have good levels. If it lacks one or both of the qualities, you have low refrigerant. Repairing or refilling the reservoir is something that professionals should do. You must contact an HVAC technician so you can do the job.

The AC is Not Turning On

When your AC is not turning on, you should troubleshoot it with the thermostat.  You first have to make sure that no one changed the thermostat. This can happen, and checking saves you the trouble of having to contact an HVAC service.

You have to check the set-point. Your AC can kick if you set the thermostat higher than the room temperature in your house.


The compressor puts energy into the refrigerant and then it propels through the coils in order to carry out heat exchange. If there is no working compressor, the AC unit will not be able to cool your home. If the refrigerant is not enough, the compressor runs hot and it will eventually resize. If there is too much refrigerant, the refrigerant returns to the compressor, which makes it fail.

Loud AC

You should feel that your AC is working properly, but you should not hear it. In case your AC sounds like it is struggling to keep your room cool, it is most likely having a hard time. The falling air conditions can make a lot of noise that is hard for anyone to identify or diagnose. The screeching and squealing could mean there is a faulty belt.

You can call AC repair services DC if you want your AC to be fixed.