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The Most Common Problems of Walk-in Coolers

If you need a walk-in cooler repair, you can easily find a company that will do it. The thing is that you need to know when you will need them. Having this appliance is important in any cafeteria, restaurant, or any business that is related to food. When the appliance breaks down, it can be hard to diagnose the issue without a professional.

In this article, you are going to find out what these common problems are so that you can easily diagnose your walk-in cooler. All you have to do is read on to learn more about them.

Door Problems

The door seals your walk-in cooler or freezer helps in keeping the cold and warm air out. When they age, the door seals are going to start wearing down and lose their grip, and the closure they set is off-kilter. When warm air becomes intrusive, condensation starts to form, encouraging wet floors, mold growth, and unsanitary conditions in general. It will become energy wasted because the refrigerator must work harder so the contents stay cold.

A commercial refrigerator specialist can easily fix this issue when they caulk seams using high-grade silicone that is mold resistant. You must also regularly check the heater strips on the freezer door, which must be warm to your touch. This element gives assurance that the door will not freeze shut and melts the ice buildup on the door frame.

Broken Condenser

This happens if the condenser is in a tight space and there is not enough airflow, which prevents heat from properly being released. This increases the temperature produced by the compressor and in turn, increases the power usage. The problem can be rectified when you regularly check coils and make sure that the condenser is ventilated properly.

Weird Odors

When the coolant that keeps the cooler chilled starts to leak, you might notice that there is a weird smell inside and around the walk-in cooler. Leaks similar to this are normally found in the cooler or freezer is already old/outdated. That means it might be time to think of an upgrade to make sure it stays up and running.

Temperature Fluctuations

This is most likely the worst problem of a walk-in cooler. The uneven temperatures lead to bad conditions because sub-cooled food can be dangerous to customers. There are a couple of causes of why the temperature fluctuates in your walk-in cooler. You must check the sub-cooling, operating pressure, and superheat to make sure they all operate in regular parameters. You can find these numbers in the operator manual. Most of the time, the cause might be just because the door is not sealing properly because of the age, or it lacks repair. The last culprit might be the compressor. If it shuts off before reaching the set temperature, then you might have to replace it.

Drain Pan is Clogged

While everyone creates a cold environment for the purpose of commercial refrigeration, the defrost cycle is also automatic which prevents ice buildup. If that happens, the melted ice will flow in a specific line that goes to a tray on the floor of the refrigerator known as the drain pan. This issue is normally because of the clog or line that delivers water.

If you need commercial refrigerators repairs DC, all you have to do is call so you can schedule with them.