Tips on How to Maintain Your Refrigerator

If you wonder what the best way is to maintain your refrigerator and why it is necessary, you should know it works all day, every day. You use a refrigerator to store vegetables, chocolates, dairy products, fruits, juices, and more. In case your refrigerator malfunctions even for just a few hours, it can cause spoilage.

No one wants their refrigerator to break, especially during the summer. Therefore, keeping the refrigerator in excellent condition is in the interest of everyone.

One of the things you can do is to spend a couple of minutes every day on regular maintenance, which is helpful in making it run efficiently. Next time, you might have to pay for commercial refrigerator repairs.

Inspect the Gasket

Dirt or any damage can keep the gasket from sealing properly and keeps cold air inside. If there is a crack, tear, dent, or twist in the gasket, you might have to replace it already. In addition, use a cloth sponge or warm water to periodically clean the gasket, especially inside where all the grime might be hiding.

You can apply some petroleum jelly to the gasket for it to seal properly after you clean it. A thin layer is all that is required for the suction to come back.

Coils Should Always be Clean

When dust covers the condenser coil, the refrigerator cannot work properly. You should move the refrigerator away from the wall to see the coils in the back and then unplug the refrigerator. After that, vacuum it using a brush attachment.

Set the Temperature Right

The majority of refrigerator systems let you set the temperature, and it is important to set and keep the right temperature for it to cool efficiently. You should set the temperature of the refrigerator below 4 degrees C, and the freezer should be below 0 degrees C.

If your refrigerator is not offering the right number-based system for temperature settings, it most likely comes with a scale-based system. Therefore, this is a great idea to keep the scale at a normal or medium level. You must follow the manual of the refrigerator for additional details and the temperature settings they recommend.

Remove Vent Obstructions

Freezer vents are placed there so that cold air can circulate in the refrigerator. If there is too much food in the freezer or blocked vents, the freezer or fridge is going to cool properly. A great task for refrigerator maintenance is to move packages away from the vents. In addition, you should not crowd the fridge, because it also hinders air circulation. In order to make your appliance energy efficient, you must keep it about ¾ full.

Fill up Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators require thermal mass so that it can maintain low temperatures. Cool drinks and food are helpful in absorbing the warm air that enters every time you open the door. In case you like to eat out a lot, or your fridge has too much space, store pitchers of water inside.

Prevent Frost Buildup

If you see ½ inch of frost that is accumulating inside your refrigerator or freezer, you should eliminate buildup right away. Too much frost affects how the appliance controls temperature. You can unplug the refrigerator. After the frost has melted, dry the water using a towel, and then plug the refrigerator. You should wait until it reaches the highest temperature and food restocking. If your refrigerator is not frost-free, you should monitor for any frost buildup that can damage your freezer.

If all else fails, you can contact commercial appliances repair McLean to get the best maintenance service your refrigerator needs.