What Causes Poor HVAC Airflow?

The airflow of HVAC ducts has become weak, you might want to start to notice cold spots in certain rooms or your home that do not seem to jive with your cooling and heating system. For instance, in one area you could feel like snuggling under a blanket, while in another you could start sweating.

Sometimes, these inconveniences can easily be ignored especially if you do not frequent an affected area. However, you should get to the issue to prevent more serious issues in the future. When it comes to addressing the weak airflow from HVAC ducts is to determine the cause of the issue. You can also contact AC repair services DC if you have an issue with the airflow. Learn more now.

The Air Filter is Clogged

The air filter will do the important job of keeping dirt and debris from going into your ducts and HVAC system. However, if you irregularly replace it, there will be clogging over time and restrict the conditioned airflow from your living space. This could lead to stuffy air or uneven temperature distribution throughout your entire home. You should check the manufacturer’s instructions to know how often you should change the filter.

Normally, HVAC filters have to be replaced every 30 to 90 days, depending on factors such as how often you use the system and if you have pets.

Ductwork Issues

The duct will deliver cool air to every room in your unit. Through time, ductwork develops small holes or cracks that allow cool air to leak. This affects how much airflow is delivered throughout your entire home. A professional can inspect ducts to find if there are any problems that exist. In some cases, cleaning the ducts help resolve the issue.


Leaks are one of the main things that HVAC professionals have to look for when they are determining the low airflow cause. In a lot of cases, the problem will lie in small cracks and holes that can be located in the duct system. Due to these openings, air starts to leak, which causes a drop in air pressure and makes it difficult for air to move the system. You can tape small openings to put a temporary fix, then ask a professional to patch up the problem areas. If you have seriously damaged ducts, you might have to buy new ducts.

Outdoor Condenser is Obstructed

The Airflow of the outdoor condenser can get obstructed because of debris, leaves, and objects that are gathering around the unit. This will not just affect the performance of the HVAC system, but it can result in damaged and overheated components. You can fix this problem easily by removing objects, debris, and plants without 3 feet of the condenser.

Wear and Tear

Over time, the air conditioner unit will have wear and tear, which can lead to poor issues with airflow. A professional is able to perform an airflow measurement test in order to find out how severe the issue is and then advise you if basic repair or replacement would be the best option to fix the issue.

Damper Valve is Closed

Dampers are the main flow regulators in the cooling and heating system. They are able to direct airflow or totally put a stop, so if the area in the home requires more air, dampers are able to block off or open pathways for airflow to easily reach the space.

The dampers can be controlled by the thermostat, which is why you need to check if it gets stuck from time to time.

You can contact HVAC repair services DC DC anytime.