Why is Your Freezer Leaking?

When your freezer ceases to work, it is not always a disaster that needs total repair or replacement. With some information, you can conduct some investigating before calling a repair servicer.

The ideal way to deal with a leaking freezer is to first determine where the leak must come from. Defrosting is the best method when it comes to accomplishing this. That is because defrosting can be a great solution to a problem. Since ice causes freezer component blockages, defrosting is mainly the easiest and simplest technique.

After defrosting everything, you can try to pinpoint where the problem is. That is important because you might have to contact commercial freezer repairs right away. You need to read this article in the end if you want to learn more about why your freezer is leaking.

Ice Maker

In case you have defrosted your freezer and the problem has reoccurred, there might be an inherent problem somewhere. The ice maker is among the most common culprits that cause a water leak. There is a valve that is located at the rear. You need to check if there is any seepage in the valve. The ice maker lines might be causing issues. If you cannot resolve an issue with the ice maker, contact your local service and repair technician who can tell you when it comes to taking the next step.

Seal Gaps

A hole inside the freezer seal can lead to different issues. For instance, there can be a gap if the mold forms around the seal or only inside or outside the door. The shift in temperature causes ice to melt and water to build up because cold air escapes. Remember that water can follow the path with the least resistance and it will leak anywhere and it can leave mold behind in case you catch it too late. You can solve the problem by putting a new seal.

Inspect the Drip Pan

Once the freezer defrosts, the water goes to the drip pan. In case the drip pan has already filled up, it will naturally overflow and leak if it was not emptied. If your drip pan keeps filling up, even if you are not defrosting anything, this is an occasion when you need to call a technician to inspect it. You must empty the drain pan and check if it fills up before you need to do another defrost cycle.

The Drain Hole is Clogged

The defrost or drain hole at the back of the fridge freezer is how water drains from it. In case this is clogged with any articles, this can be the cause of the problem. Washing this out using warm water or a cotton bud or pipe cleaner to slowly unclog can help relieve problems. You

Drain Gutter is Frozen

When you have not defrosted the freezer for a while, there can be a build-up of ice. Something that is as easy as ice build-up and the drain gutter freezing over causes the water to egress somewhere else. Freezer defrosts must be an easy fix for this. Do not attempt to hack away the ice to freezer components because you will most likely harm it than resolve the issue. Instead, you need to allow the ice to melt.

Faulty Temperature Control

Maybe you have seen your fridge temperature has become erratic, and it comes with leaking water, it might mean that the thermostat is faulty and needs a replacement or repair.

These are some of the reasons why your freezer leaking. You might have to call commercial refrigerator services McLean.