Why Your Ice Maker is Making Noise

From time to time, you can hear strange and loud noises that come from the kitchen intermittently and it happens even in the middle of the night. You are just probably hearing your ice maker. Ice makers, which are normally found in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator can make serious noises.

You will most likely find a good explanation for it before you contact an ice dispenser repair. Normally, it is an indication that your ice maker is working, but for your peace of mind, you will find out in this article what causes the noise. So that the next time you hear it, you will know exactly what to do, and if you should worry or not.

Fan Speed

Normally, ice makers have fans that can help circulate the cold air in the ice reservoir and ice chamber. This process makes freezing ice cubes a lot faster but it helps keep them frozen as soon as they form.

You are going to hear changes in the fan speed, but this depends on the ice maker’s internal temperature. For instance, if the interior gets too warm, the fan is going to speed up to make it cooler, and in the process makes noise.


If you can hear a loud hissing sound from the freezer. Most likely, it is your ice maker producing the noise. An ice maker will work by filling cube molds using water, which gives them time to freeze, and then dumps the cubes and refills the molds. The hissing sound is caused by the water that is shooting through the supply line going into the molds if you turn the water on all the way to the connection. Due to this, the water comes through with some force that causes the hissing sound, which is normal for an ice maker.

High-Pitched Sound

In case the ice maker is linked to a water supply with a pressure that is more than 60 psi, you might hear a high-pitched and loud sound while filling the water associated with the water flow through an inlet valve. You can contact a qualified and licensed plumber to figure out the best method so you can reduce the water supply.


If in case it sounds like your appliance is producing a chugging or gurgling sound, it might be that the water moves from the reservoir to a freezing chamber. This might resemble the sound of water that goes down the drain while the water travels through the lines.

Gurgling can also be because of the refrigerant. For most of the unit’s freezing power, it will rely on a refrigerant that should continuously circulate through your ice maker.

Gurgling can also be because of the refrigerant being delivered to the areas where it is needed.

Dust in the Condenser Coils

Ice machines are normally positioned against the wall. Therefore, it is common for condenser coils to catch oily, dusty, or warm air. This will then get trapped in the condenser coils and it cannot be filtered away.

If they are uncleaned, the coils will grow a thick coat of dust and grime. This coating inhibits your coils to remove the excess heat – the result is that the ice will be poor quality, which is soft murky, watery, or soft.

You can remove the dust coating using a damp cloth. However, grease is hard to deal with and it might need a chemical or special cleaning solution if the situation is bad.

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