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You Need To Follow These 12 Restaurant Kitchen Rules

Restaurant kitchens need special attention as well as require following some basic rules like for refrigerator repair services. We have created a list of the important rules you should follow for a restaurant kitchen.

  1. Label and Date

Every food item placed in the refrigerators should be labeled with the date of expiry. This will help you save food from spoiling as well as keep the freezers in good working conditions. Otherwise, the freezers will get out of order and you will need commercial refrigerator repairs to fix them.

  1. Observe FIFO Rule

It is the basic rule that says first in, first out. The rule relates to food storing in freezers. If restaurant kitchens practice FIFO rule, not only they can save the food but maintain the refrigerators in the best conditions. No one wants to hire refrigerator repair services very often. The rule also applies to any kitchen even for people at home.

  1. Proper Handling of Food

The proper handling of food refers to placing and using food from the freezers as well as other areas. The kitchen staff should practice healthy habits and good handling of the food. Use gloves, pick the food carefully, and make sure your hands are clean and washed. Sometimes smell from other foods can affect the taste of new foods.

  1. Safe Holding Temperatures

The food should also be stored according to the temperatures. Many people make mistakes of putting hot foods in the freezers and it affects the refrigerator badly. You will end up calling refrigerator repair services. So always consider the extreme and lowest temperature levels while you store the food.

  1. Avoid Burning Food

If you burn the food, you are supposed to clean it. Burning not only wastes time, delays orders but wastes the food as well. You will be stressed with such issues. So this must be taken as a very serious problem by the kitchen staff and chefs. Try to cook the food at a moderate temperature so that you are safe and don’t burn the food.

  1. Everything in its Place

In the restaurant or commercial kitchens, necessary items and things should be placed where they belong to. If you are not organized, don’t care about keeping them at the right place- you will have many issues. This will delay your food orders, irritate the customers and make the manager angry. You should not let all this happen.

  1. Keep Kitchen Clean

This is one of the basic rules of the restaurant kitchen. The kitchen should be clean and neat. Take care of the health of the kitchen staff as well as customers. If you don’t keep the kitchen clean and neat, you may also get fined by the food authorities for not complying with the basic rules. Customers will also be happy with a clean kitchen.

  1. Never Use Loose Clothes

Using loose clothes in the kitchen area may lead to any unfortunate incident. It can catch fire or even get stuck with something in the kitchen area. The kitchen dress should be short and tight. It should be of good quality so that you feel comfortable and safe.

  1. Practice Hygiene

The kitchen must practice all the best rules and principles of a healthy life. It should be clean, free of flies, with good smell, open and spacious, organized as well as airy. These things make a kitchen look better and more hygienic.

  1. Keep Fire Safety Tools

The kitchen is the area that has more to do with fire and less with anything. It also has appliances that can catch fire due to circuit issues. There have been many incidents of fire in kitchens. So there is a need the kitchen should be equipped with the necessary fire extinguishing tools and instruments.

  1. Take Care of Freezers

The freezers in the commercial kitchens are of great importance. They store the food, preserve edibles, protect important items and make you spend less on food if it is wasted. So keeping freezers in the best conditions and regularly do commercial refrigerators repairs. Get them checked regularly for any possible issues.

  1. Learning Operating Tools

If there are any kitchen-specific tools, food cooking machines, or even fire extinguishing tools- every kitchen staff member should know how to use them just as you or some of your staff should know something about commercial refrigerators repairs DC. This will keep you in the safe zone and prevent any damages as well.